3 Things To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Couples who are getting married in Singapore, or wanting to have their wedding photo shoot in Singapore, listen up! Make sure to read this post. This post is very important if you’re thinking of hiring a wedding photographer from Singapore. Even though most wedding photographers in Singapore are relatively decent, it’s still very important to ask them the following crucial questions if you want to ensure that they’re indeed the right and best fit for you and your spouse. After all, wedding is a once in a lifetime wedding. Just like you had found the perfect other half, you want to find the perfect professional bridal photographer for your photography needs in Singapore as well. You need a photographer who’s experienced as well as provides great customer service. (Trust me, you do not want a photographer whom you cannot get along with and get irritated with on the actual day wedding ceremony or your face would look so glum.)

  1. Ask the photographer for his or her portfolio. Some people actually hire wedding photographers just because their close friend or family relatives told them that the photographer is good. I personally recommend against that. This is because every person’s tastes are different, and you cannot simply trust another person’s taste blindly. This is your wedding photographer, not your pet photographer. Unless you intend to repeat your wedding ceremony, otherwise, pick your photographer well. Make sure that both you and your spouse likes his or her portfolio as well. Each wedding photographer has his or her unique spin on photographs – make sure that the style suits you and your spouse’s tastes and preferences before engaging the studio or photographer.
  2. Ask them anything about the themselves or the studio they work at. Your goal is not to dig out his or her history, but to find out the way they treat customers. If you get treated well before you even buy from them, chances are, they will treat you well after too. However, if you do not get treated like a VIP even when they’re trying to make more sales, you can safely say that they’re not customer oriented at all!!
  3. Ask them if you can get special price or if they have any promotions going on. Most photography studios or photographers are able to give discounts or promotions, but not all of them will automatically tell their potential clients that unless they ask. So, if they do not tell you about any promotions, ask them about it. Even if they tell you about it, ask them if they can give more (this is just asking and testing your luck).

Personally, I recommend you try out the wedding photo services of GrandeurWeddingStudio.com, they have a really good portfolio and quick customer service support too.

How To Make Sure Your Prewedding Photographer Is Good?

Horror stories by brides on Singapore forums may have scared you, and for good reason! Here is how you can find a Singapore prewedding photographer who is actually good at what he/she does!

  • Customer focused. The best prewedding photographers are focused on providing the best for their customers, not those who are focused on cutting costs and doing less so that they can charge less and get more customers, but focus on providing the best possible experience and photographs so that the couple can get to enjoy their photographs many years after their wedding. Wedding is an important event for couples, and hence the photographs for the prewedding must be good too!
  • Check out their reviews online! With the Internet, it’s so easy to find out reviews of photographers. Not using websites like that to check out a photographer’s review is irresponsible.
  • Going with a photographer just because he or she is a friend of yours. Never do business with someone just because he or she is a friend. Do business in spite of a person being a friend or a complete stranger if what he or she offers is good. Always go for value, not obligation.
  • Do not go with the first package you go with. You can go with the first package, but make sure to shop and check around to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Get the most value for your dollar. It’s so easy to find photographers these days with Google and the Internet. Or even Facebook!
  • Go with your gut feeling. If everything on their website seems alright, but your interaction with them or their reviews look fishy (eg some good comments, but a lot of bad reviews), chances are, something’s wrong.

What You Must Know Before Engaging A Wedding Photographer

Most people do not have the experience of having booked a wedding photographer for a friend or family member before, hence, when booking for themselves, it’s usually the first time. Hence, how do you make sure that you make the right decision when engaging your wedding photographer, especially when it’s the first time you’ve done anything like that? Throw in the importance of a wedding to a couple’s lives and the once in a lifetime nature of a wedding photography (especially for actual day wedding photo shoots), and many couples get stressed out over this. Here are some reliable tips and concrete steps you can put into use right now to help yourself find the right photographer. It all starts with information you need to have before even engaging a wedding photographer.

  1. First of all, when it comes to actual day wedding photography, you should ideally engage two photographers. However, if you were to engage a studio instead of a single photographer, they usually will dispatch 2 wedding photographers to help you take the photographs on the actual day wedding. This is because a single photographer would find it difficult to capture all important scenes at your wedding day – especially when nothing is posed for, and everything is virtually candid.
  2. You need to account for the photographer and provide meal as well as transport for him or her. This is especially the case if you want the photographer to capture photographs of you and your spouse in the bridal car. Make sure the front passenger seat is empty so that you and your spouse can be photographed at the back seat. Some couples forget about this point and end up not having any such photographs!
  3. Does the studio or photographer have lots of prior experience and good looking wedding photos in their portfolio? It’s very important. This is not any normal photography, which you can re-take easily. Make sure that the photographer you engage has great looking portfolio and solid wedding photography experience (especially for actual day wedding photographers!!). This is extremely important, in fact one of the most important points.
  4. Make sure to check out the photographer’s or studio’s reviews online as much as possible (wherever possible) too.
  5. Finally, always trust your gut feeling too. Sometimes, there is more accuracy to it than you think there is – especially when it comes to honesty. If you think that a photographer’s portfolio and promises sound too good, without any real and hard evidence to back it up, it’s probably false. Make sure to discern between a good and bad photographer by using the above points as well as solid evidence rather than just what they say.

My personal recommendation to you would either be Nat Studios for overseas photography but by a wedding photographer from Singapore, or if you need a local wedding photo shoot instead, then check out Grandeur Wedding Studio. Here are their opening hours and how you can contact them:

Grandeur Wedding Studio
Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595
Phone:6681 5798
Hours: Open daily · 9AM–9PM

Address: 108 Jalan Bukit Merah, 160108
Hours: Open daily · 10AM–10PM

Hope that helps!

Here’s What You Must Know As A Wedding Photographer

Wedding customs and events differ slightly for couples getting married in various different countries around the world, and this is the case for Singapore as well. Here are some things you need to know to be a truly professional photographer in Singapore and serve your couples well as their bridal photographer. Some of the tips here are taught to be by my friends and mentors at wedding photography studio www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore/.

  • Although most couples in Singapore invite many friends and family to the wedding ceremony, keep in mind that not every one (especially certain family members) is close to the couple. They usually want more photos taken of each other, both parties’ father and mother as well as close friends. Although not publicly admitted, most couples are not close to certain relatives, and only invite them out of pure respect and no other reason. Therefore, as a professional bridal photographer in Singapore, you should take the initiative and ask the couple if they want more photographs of certain people at the event, so you can do so. They will respect you for it.
  • There will be quite a lot of travelling, to at least 3 different places within one day for actual day wedding photo shoots. First of all, you would usually start off with the bride’s parents’ house. There will be a tea party and ‘games’ for the groom and his friends. You will then be going off along with the couple to the groom’s parents’ house. Finally, you will be taking an afternoon rest (or edit your video / photo montage) and then you will be moving off to the couple’s dinner banquet for those with dinner banquets. Although most couples will arrange transport as well as some food for their appointed photographer(s) and make up artist(s), be mentally prepared to look for your own one in the worst case scenario. Hence, never undercharge a couple, always charge what your value is to them.
  • Keep in mind that every couple’s personality is different. Some are more vibrant and want a photographer who is more active and will engage them and their guests. Others prefer a quiet photographer. You should figure all these out beforehand. As an apprentice photographer in a local wedding photography studio in Singapore, you would be able to learn lots of these people skills too under a professional and experienced photographer. This is the reason why many professional photographers have a mentor to teach them both the photo taking (& editing) skills as well as managing people skills.

Being A Bridal Photographer In Singapore?

Are you considering a career in the wedding photography industry in Singapore?

Entering the wedding photography industry in Singapore is an incredibly exciting career path, if you’re one of the people who love something different and meet different people all day long. If you want an office job with the same colleagues day in and out, then perhaps, being a wedding photographer in Singapore is not a good option. However, if you like meeting different people and do not mind having a vastly different and flexible work schedule, then being a photographer is one of the most rewarding career paths a person can take in Singapore.

Keep in mind that wedding photography is not exactly something that is taught in schools. This means that few people can ‘learn’ in a formal setting. Most wedding photographers get their skills from self education, trial and error as well as having a proven mentor guide them. Because truly great wedding photography skills are rare, and there will always be people getting married, you will always have income, and you will always be paid at least a decent salary.

One of the biggest differences being a full time wedding photographer versus a normal ‘office’ career is that you’re usually working at odd hours – not midnight hours, but Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. As a result, you don’t get paid ‘extra’ for working on these days, as they’ve already been calculated as part of your salary.

Working with a good wedding studio will fastforward your learning curve, as most good and reputable wedding photography studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio will actually provide you with a proven mentor and teach you technical as well as people skills (yes you need people skills as a photographer because you would be engaging with people and not computers on a near daily basis).

Review of top 5 Wedding Photographers in Singapore

Here’s my honest opinion about (whom I think are) the top 5 professional wedding photographers in Singapore.

  1. Grandeur Wedding
    More a studio than a single photographer, Grandeur Wedding employs only wedding photographers of the highest calibre and quality in Singapore. Just a brief look through the portfolio on their website will easily tell you how great their wedding photography quality is. Even more amazing than that, which many people do not know unless they’ve already engaged Grandeur before, is their amazing customer service support. Ever since consumers have met horror stories where the photographer ignores them or takes more than 6 months just to complete the wedding photography album (soft or hard copy) and deliver it to their customers, people want fast turnaround times and a respnsive photographer.
  2. Pixioo
    Pixioo is a business owned by Samuel. A top photographer in Singapore (as you can see from the quality of the photographs taken from his website), he also has a large following on Facebook. If you’re thinking of engaging Samuel, make sure to book him early. One of the big differences between a large wedding photography studio like Grandeur Wedding Studio and Samuel is that he is a single photographer (and hence can only take one wedding or prewedding photo shoot session at a time while a studio is able to accept more due to the greater number of photographers provided/available!)
  3. Nat Studios
    A famous photography studio in Singapore, Nat Studios is well known for overseas photography. Having won many awards as well, Nat Studios is a great choice for couples who are wanting to take their wedding photo overseas but want professional Singapore wedding photographer(s) to help them out.
  4. Bloc Memoire
    One of the more interesting wedding photography studios (or rather, a trio of photographers), Bloc Memoire offers the final product in a very interesting package. They will put all your printed photographs in a box with frills, as well as the soft copy of your photographs in a wooden thumbdrive. Whether their photographs are of your style and popular is another issue altogether, but I have to mention Bloc Memoire because their packaging is truly unique and I certainly have to commend them on it.
  5. Serangoon Bridal
    Although they are more well known to take student graduation photoshoots, Serangoon Bridal is no stranger to wedding photo shoots (indoor ones). They also provide / sell gowns to couples. Hence, if you prefer an indoor photo shoot instead of a more adventurous outdoor photoshoot, then Serangoon Bridal is a rather good choice for a pre-wedding photography studio.

What You Must Know About AD Wedding Photography In Singapore

There are some things every couple needs to know when it comes to their actual day wedding photography in Singapore. If you need an expert photographer for your wedding ceremony photo taking, then check out Grandeur, rated the best wedding photography studio in Singapore. They have pretty decent and reasonably priced packages.

First of all, please remember that your wedding photographer is a human being and you need to account for one space at least (more if he / she brings an assistant photographer along) for him or her in the bridal car or the accompanying car entourage. Some couples actually forget this point, and in the end, the couples need to suddenly arrange for a form of transport for the photographer. Don’t take this unneeded stress and effort during your actual day wedding ceremony events. It’s unnecessary. Also, you should pay for or arrange for his transportation. This is basic courtesy for actual day wedding photo shoots in Singapore. Please do it.

Next of all, your photographer is human. He or she needs to eat during meal times. So either arrange a meal for him / her or buy a takeaway lunch or dinner for him or her as well. Some couples forget about this, or just keep asking him or her to take photographs without thinking about his or her well being at all. Don’t make this mistake.

Third of all, you don’t need to give your photographers a tip. This advice is more for foreigners who want to have their photo shoot in Singapore. Although it’s common in America to tip their service provider, it’s not needed nor expected in Singapore. Hence, the price you’re paying for to the photographer or the studio is the nett price you are going to have to pay for. Therefore, you don’t need to nickle and dime your photographer or studio before.

Hopefully the above tips will help you better prepare for your actual day wedding photo shoot experience! And finally, congratulations on your big wedding day and have a blissful marriage and live happily forever after.

How To Find A Suitable Wedding Gown In Singapore?

Finding a suitable wedding gown in Singapore constitutes several parts, namely, the searching for a wedding gown studio, finding a gown you like, and knowing what type of wedding gown best fits your body shape and size.

  1. Looking for a wedding gown rental company in Singapore:
    Thankfully, due to the Internet and its vast power with Google, it’s super easy to find wedding gown companies. In the past, you could only depend on word of mouth marketing or the newspapers or even Yellow Pages to find your ideal wedding gown company. However, with Google today, you can easily dig out 10-20 websites belonging to different wedding gown studio companies in Singapore and look through their portfolio as well as services provided and even an email in mere seconds! I highly recommend you look through the online websites first before even bothering making a trip down to the studio and realizing that you didn’t get the best dress as well as the best prices.
  2. Finding a gown you like:
    Find a gown that you like, and will like for years to come, if not for your entire lifetime. There are wedding gowns which are only fashionable for a year or so, and look like sh*t after that. You need to look for bridal gowns which would be timeless. You don’t want to end up looking like Lady Gaga many years later when you look back on your wedding photographs.
  3. Finding a wedding gown which suits your body shape and size:
    If you’re smaller in the chest area, going with a wedding gown which is more frilly at the chest area would usually help you look bustier. If you’re rectangular body shaped, you would want a dress that accentuates both your butt and your chest. If you’re on the plump side, you would ideally benefit if you have a mermaid style wedding dress as they give the illusion that you’re slimmer than you really are!

Find a company like http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/gowns/ if you want fantastic looking and reasonably priced wedding gowns. They have lots of selection with their wedding gown partners around Singapore with tremendous discounts if you were to sign up with their wedding photography packages too.